We produce artisan quality natural-colored and dyed yarn … Zeilinger Wool Company located in Michigan provides fiber processing of many fiber types and wool products including socks, yarns, batting and roving for over 100 years. This means that we have a passion for the fibre and understand it's beauty and quality. Welcome to the Acorn Works Fiber Processing Mill home page! Fiber festivals and spin-ins are being cancelled right and left, as they should be! We produce roving, cloud, batts, pin-drafted sliver, corespun rug yarn, and yarn in a variety of weights and plys. Spinning your fiber into yarns and creating rovings for hand spinning. We have a selection of fibers on hand or you may supply. slow craft /slow textile products. They sold their fiber separator as well. SHOP. About Us As the smallest large spinning mill, or possibly the largest small spinning mill in the world, we are uniquely able to provide a wide range of processing services and support to help our customers add value to their wool, mohair or alpaca. When the mill’s raw cotton supplies became more valuable than the finished cloth they produced, the mills sold off all their supplies and temporarily shut down. We also blend and dye fleece, and for something extra-special, we can produce handwoven textiles from your fleece. We have been involved in the alpaca industry since we purchased our first alpaca in 1993. We also blend and dye fleece, and for something extra-special, we can produce handwoven textiles from your fleece. At Spinderellas Creations Fiber Processing Mill, we are committed to our core philosophies: sustainability. Custom spinning yarns Owned and operated by Dan & Ann Payne and Alesia Moore and located in central North Carolina. Processing of wool and silk Wool. Alesia Moore has been working with fiber and fiber animals since 2006. Learn more about Wool processing and manufacturing on the Woolmark Learning Centre. We are currently accepting wool for processing and are 4 - 6 months out, meaning if you drop your raw wool off for processing, it could take 6 months before you have a finished product. minimally processed wool- alpaca - mohair. Visit the Mill Shop to see our range of British alpaca, alpaca-blend and British wool yarns and handwoven textiles. We offer wool processing in the Northern California Fibershed and beyond. Nestled on the banks of Distillery Creek in Launceston, Tasmania stands a wool mill steeped in history. If you want 100% alpaca or llama, we can recommend other mills here in Montana who love Olympic Yarn and Fiber Mill. Located at: 676 S. Orchard Ave Ukiah, CA 95482 707-376-8255. Olympic Yarn and Fiber . PO Box 708 1101 1st Street Cosmopolis, WA 98537. This mill also spun some of the finest alpaca fiber in the USA. We feature our own line of yarns using fibers grown in America that are spun, dyed and hand painted here at our mill. But if you don't find what you're looking for, please feel free to contact us by phone or email - we're very friendly and we love blethering about alpacas, sheep and all things fleecey. Round Barn Fiber: We are a full-service, custom fiber processing mill for wool, alpaca, llama, goat, rabbit, and other animal fibers. Processing Waitlist PLEASE NOTE, our waiting list for processing is currently full. See below for a more detailed view into the Abraham Moon manufacturing story. The mills contributed to the war effort by making many of the wool uniforms for the Union army but a sudden Confederate embargo on cotton disrupted mill operations. So if you'd like us to spin your fleeces, please plan ahead and book a space as soon as you can. Wool; Mohair; Alpaca; Organic; Other Fibres; Meet the Animals; More About Wool; About Us. support of local ranchers. Message sent. Mendocino Wool and Fiber Inc. is a Northern California wool mill in Ukiah, CA. The Belfast Mini Mill is capable of processing small batches down to ounces or grams in size or large commercial size batches of tons. Specials require fiber to be at the mill or in transit prior to that date. Knitting yarns. Ever since our establishment in 1837, bales of raw wool have been arriving at our mill's doorstep to begin the process of creating beautiful fabrics. As of 02/15/2020 our Processing Policy has been updated. hands that touch each item from farm to finished goods. I MAKE YARN Fiber Mill, located in Caldwell, Idaho processes yarns (all weights), roving, rug yarn, and felted sheets. of wool in just 7 hours. Valley Oak Wool and Fiber Mill is located in Woodland, California and we opened our doors in November 2017! Your own fiber is returned to you. Prices are shown excluding VAT. Your own fiber is returned to you. Specializing in Alpaca and Alpaca blend Yarns. Contact us! The sheep has two sorts of wool and it is the inner coat that is used. We can process any quantity from a single fleece upwards. We are accepting orders for custom processing so please check out our Processing Page and send us a message, we'd love to hear from you! We are now one of Great Britain's last remaining vertical woollen mills, meaning we are among a select few who continue to complete all processes on one site. Shepherd’s Gate Fiber Mill is a family owned and operated custom fiber processing mill. Instagram; Twitter; Facebook; Subscribe to our Newsletter Subscribe. Also, carding preparation for hand spinners and felters, and custom spinning and hand knitting yarns. It forms two products, woolens and worsteds. Please see custom processing tab for details/pricing. Waverley Mills has been producing high-quality wool textiles since 1874, and whilst it may be considered young compared with its British counterparts, it was a pioneer of textile manufacturing in Australia. Services Visit the Farm. minimally processed wool- alpaca - mohair. We provide washing, picking, carding, pin-drafting, and spinning services. Price $34.00. Commission spinners of semi-worsted and worsted woollen, alpaca and mohair yarns. We decided to purchase commercial grade fiber processing equipment in 2016 to offer fiber processing from roving and batts all the way to finished goods. The steps in this process include: Washing – All incoming fleece is washed. Tahoma Vista Fiber Mill is a small fiber processing mill located in Yelm, Washington. More... 0. Sterling Wool Mill is offering a wonderful new way of processing for those with lots of fleece. Specializing in Alpaca and Alpaca blend Yarns. With a 90+ year history in the textile waste processing industry, Miller Waste Mills continues the tradition of manufacturing quality natural fiber-based recycled products. RAMPISHAM HILL MILL A new wool processing mill opening at Rampisham Hill Farm, Dorset in Summer 2021 Using the latest high-specification wool processing machinery, housed in our purpose built mill, and powered by renewable technology, we will be offering wool processing services to … ... At Spinderellas Creations Fiber Processing Mill, we are committed to our core philosophies: sustainability. support of local ranchers. For information on the fleece processing process, options and charges, tips on preparing your fleece for spinning and all sorts of other things you never knew you wanted to know, please explore the sections here. Please contact us about drop off in NH or at the Mill. The system caters for low and high volume fibre producers in the UK aiming to get the optimum performance, handle and quality from their raw fibre. Thanks! ABOUT. Our Processes; Advice; Dyeing; Overseas; Trade Services; Case Studies; FAQs; Your Fibre. Processing costs are low enabling fibre producers to manufacture competively priced yarns and textiles, providing good profit returns for the raw fibre material. We also have some interesting synthetic fiber like a wool substitute made from recycled beer bottles. We have 10 state-of-the-art machines built just for us, and we work to your specifications, so it’s almost like having your own mill processing your fiber. Making more with your wool The spinning mill which helps you add value to wool, mohair and alpaca. Because of the current situation, confirmation via email prior to May 15th acceptable. Wool comes from domesticated sheep. Free to access, these intuitive online courses will further your education on wool fibre science, how wool is processed and how fabrics are finished and dyed. Spinning your fiber into yarns and creating rovings for hand spinning. We are a new fibre processing plant using traditional high quality worsted machinery to convert raw fleece to high quality yarns and textiles. To keep aware of when it will reopen, please visit the Services & Rates page to subscribe to our email list, as this is the only place we make notices about the waitlist. Using specialized equipment and custom fiber reprocessing techniques, we reclaim fibers from a variety of waste streams, thereby diverting them from landfills and making them useful once again. March 25, 2020. We specialise in processing alpaca fibre and have an established herd of our own. support of local business. We provide custom processing of wool, alpaca, mohair, and exotic fibers. We provide wool processing services to customers from all over North America and natural fiber yarns and knitting supplies to hand knitters all over the world. We aim for 4, but there are many variables. Description of manufacturing process. Why Choose Olympic Yarn & Fiber? This Fiber Farm Plan is designed to help you manage your fiber and keep a steady supply of new product. Australian processing of alpaca, sheep and other fibres into yarn, wool, rovings and batts. Our Services. Send us your wool fiber today. Australian Alpaca Yarns. The Mill Shop. The woollen industry in Wales was at times the country's most important industry, though it often struggled to compete with the better-funded woollen mills in the north of England, and almost disappeared during the 20th century. Custom spinning yarns UK. Worsted Processing is designed for processing long staple fibres (over 65mm) and will achieve a smooth, fine, strong and lustrous yarn exploiting all the best qualities of any long staple fibre. Wool Fiber Processing - Three Points Fiber Mill SEE HOW WE CAN TRANSFORM YOUR Wool FIBER Three Points Fiber Mill is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality finished product, adhering to the International Yarn Standards. Olympic Yarn and Fiber Mill. We’re a custom fiber processing mill that produces yarn, roving, batts and felted fabric for small farms across the country. A small fibre processing mill in the beautiful Scottish Borders ... We spin alpaca fleece, sheep wool and fibre from other assorted beasties, from a single fleece to the whole herd . Their yarn has set a standard for the 135 years they have been operating, and they produce some of the most popular American-made yarn available. We specialise in spinning alpaca fleece but we also process wool, especially from rare breeds, and other fibre-producing animals including llamas and angora rabbits. Lilipop Mill is a family run fibre mill located in a renovated stable in the heart of the Staffordshire countryside. Send. 220 West Main St. PO Box 121 (for USPS only) La Farge, WI 54639. Any fiber with any signs of wool moths or something of the sort has the right to be removed from the premises and burned as it can be very damaging to a fiber processing mill. There is continued demand for quality Welsh woollen products.. OUR COMPANY At Alfatex-Machinery our aim is to provide both the highest quality equipment and service to all our clients. Limited Edition Quick View. We are a full service mill specializing in alpaca fiber and provide custom processing of alpaca and other natural fibers into roving, batts, yarn, felt and more. Our Products. Add dyed fibers for that something special or different. Three Points Fiber Mill is a small family owned and operated semi-worsted fiber processing mill specializing in alpaca, sheep’s wool and angora goat fiber. Our company is dedicated in providing the highest quality fiber processing machines suitable for a wide range of industries including bedding and pillows, furniture production, toy production etc. Traditional spinner in her family's house in Old Bagan, Myanmar (2019). While we offer the attentive, personalized services of a cottage-style mill, our industrial-quality mill equipment can process 100 lbs. The requirements are a minimum of 2 fleeces, maximum of 5 fleeces to process every month or bimonthly. We then questioned the machinery & methods used here in the UK to process fibre and discovered that the mills are using equipment designed for sheep’s wool or are either of a very small scale or require a large minimum quantity often around 20kgs in each batch as machinery is so large. She is a shepherd, spinner, weaver and award winning fiber artist. Glossary of terms. You can also drop fiber off in person at the mill location in La Farge, please contact us to set up an appointment (608) 625-2060 * Olympic Yarn and Fiber. hands that touch each item from farm to finished goods. Worsted Processing is designed for processing long staple fibres (over 65mm) and will achieve a smooth, fine, strong and lustrous yarn exploiting all the best qualities of any long staple fibre. Battenkill Fibers Carding and Spinning Mill provides value-added, custom carding and spinning services for fiber farms and others; and manufactures yarn and fiber products for wholesale and retail markets. Wool & Alpaca Fiber processing. The processing is fully worsted providing scouring, carding, combing, gilling and spinning. Mendocino Wool & Fiber Inc. HOME. support of local business. This can be mixed with wool that has been recovered from rags. Amazing what a little maroon, red, or blue can add to the look of your product. N.B. We can process any quantity from a single fleece upwards. Wool Processing. Belfast Mini Mills, LTD. manufactures a full line of cottage industry fiber spinning machinery. Wool & Alpaca Fiber processing. Willow Creek Fiber Mill is a family owned business located in Estes Park, Colorado. We do custom small batch processing of your fiber to maintain individual fleece's unique color and texture. While we always do our best to process fibers into what a customer requests, sometimes, the fiber just doesn't cooperate. Links to related sites. Unit 3, Duns Industrial Estate, Station Road, Duns TD11 3HS, 01361 883692  -  hello@thebordermill.co.uk. For more information on processing and costs please email your requirements to info@fibreharvest.co.uk, home | contact | information | links | news | products. Please note: we are very busy with fleece processing orders and are usually booked up for over a year in advance. Ewetopia Fiber Mill La Farge, Wisconsin. Or, we can make even colors like a silver grey. Since I am the sole proprietor and only employee of my very small business (and healthy), processing is continuing. Family owned and operated for five generations, Lion Brand Yarn Company is a New York founded business whose wool yarn was the first yarn to receive the Wool Mark for excellence. Please send wool for custom orders to: Ewetopia Fiber Mill. PO Box 708 1101 1st Street Cosmopolis, WA 98537 Long staple fibres include Wool, Mohair, Cashmere, Alpaca and other specialist hairs and wools. We will help you turn your beautiful fibers into … The processing is fully worsted providing scouring, carding, combing, gilling and spinning. Our commission processing is carried out by Dewsbury-based Thomas Chadwick & Sons – part of the Standard Wool group and a company with a reputation for excellence gained over many decades. Candy Cap Sport. There is much uncertainty in our world now. Dyeing and blending services also available. We specialise in spinning alpaca fleece but we also process wool, especially from rare breeds, and other fibre-producing animals including llamas and angora rabbits. The machinery enables the processing of raw animal fibers or man-made fibers into yarn. Currently Thomas Chadwick & Sons can produce around 20 million kilograms of scoured wool every year.