If you like dark beer check out Kasteel Bruin at a mere 11% it is also awesome lol. Aye could be. Happy new year all, ain’t 2020 been a beezer!! Have to disagree with your views on NATO membership – it doesn’t come for free, you have to spend a certain percentage of GDP on your military, although I believe not all NATO members have been doing so in recent years. Not to stop it spreading or anything, just to piss them off. The Nazis remember were National Socialists, Goebbels was a former Communist blah, blah…and as for Benito, but capital has such seductive allure. But it is related to intelligence in the same manner as DESI GHEE is related to the GRASS.…. No qualifiers, no exceptions, no “on this particular subject”, no “as long as she has this view”. That’s what the buzzword is about! In simple words, this kind of intelligence is the exact opposite of artificial … The mantra from the left during the Bush years went something like this: The … “No qualifiers, no exceptions, no “on this particular subject”, no “as long as she has this view”. However, critical questions still remain unanswered, such as who is allowed in the world of science and who is recognized as a science person in specific contexts? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/State_Socialism_(Germany) Leadership Theory I’ve put down a few thoughts, but I’m not good at expressing what I mean. Unless you are already living in a fully-funded perfect Scotland and don’t see any underfunding anywhere? 2021 shove it. What a funny old world we live in, The UK security services approve of a person that is against their main defense policy, possibly because he is a dim jock. I am against NATO membership. It is now an international, *global* US-run military interventionist force. Joking apart I am paraphrasing my favourite teacher who helped me sort the difference between straight and crooked thinking. Ireland, that great comparison for indy supporters, is not in NATO and so hasn’t been dragged by the US and UK into conflicts it shouldn’t be in. Opposite of information, typically having military, political or commercial value. Skip to secondary content. I would have done that at birth to be honest. 2) She says be a cosmic fountain of youth: the Orion Nebula is home to a huge amount of gas and dust, forming what is called a molecular cloud, a veritable nursery of celestial bodies. I’ll be thinking about that one.”. ‘Medical Practitioners’ : 39,544. Maybe just Maybe Who says NATO will defend Scotland for free? We need them to defend us. In a few minutes time the transition period ends and the final break is there. It’s comin yet for a’ that, Is McDonald the cowardly maggot who scurried away to hide when Tommy Robinson went to Glasgow to confront him for saying that he (TR) should never be invited to have dinner at the HOC (by a UKip guy, I think) because he (TR) is a fascist or something like that? Being stuck in this stinkin Union had to end, and the way Sturgeon has totally misread my feelings only goes to increase my anger against her. , COVID-19, Authoritarianism Vs. Democracy: What the Epidemic Reveals about the Orientalism of our Categories of Thought Nothing to add here except Happy New Year to Stu and everyone who supports this site. TNEGILLETNI That's the opposite form of intelligence o____o. We are all feeling gutted. If you can’t see it for yourself go buy The Ladybird Book of Logic. What the SNP squabble about has no bearing post Independence. https://www.mdpi.com/2075-4698/10/4/91/pdf, Intersectionality as a Regulative Ideal I’m no longer interested in anything SNP politicians have to say and won’t be voting for Sturgeon and her unionist, wokist, devolutionist, colonialist colleagues. It’s essential we allow rendition flights at Prestwick to enable our NATO allies to torture prisoners. And exactly who is NATO defending us from? Who, after all, would want to be allied with a bunch of horrible racist thugs? The needle already was in the haystack. is much further from Russia than Northern Scotland is from Ireland, I think we’d have some notice of an impending Russian invasion. It’s bloody hard enough getting some onside now to support indy.To hear this will certainly cement a No vote for them and their families. Was looking through FIFA World Cup stats. Opposite words for Military Intelligence. For his position to have any sort of logical consistency, McDonald would be obliged to start campaigning to bring back hanging. Scotland should be in from day one.We should take same stance as Norway who were founding members of NATO. The UK actually left the EU on the 31 Jan. 2020 and for most of you, your EU Citizenship ended. Shall bear the gree an’ a’ that. Well that’s one of my new year toasts sorted.:). The Opposite of Intelligence By Debra J. Saunders. Email. Comments. 31 December, 2020 at 6:16 pm President Barack Obama’s promise of “the most transparent administration in history” has long devolved into a sour irony. When was Ireland last invaded? It will be interesting to see how President Biden handles a balls high Boris and NATO alliance now that we know he likes Europe and he likes all things Celtic. No to nuclear arms and no to NATO, Tory far-right action to remove us from the EU suits US plans down-to-the-ground. 1 view. This won’t cost us a penny, will be absolutely “free”, cheap as chips apparently. Just a couple of examples of Nations who don’t seem to be listening to the “too wee” message. I hear it even made North Korean TV headlines? Beyond exploring this theoretical merger, this examination will consider how an intersectional understanding of identity development can expand the epistemology of leadership theory. 118 Norway 5,137,679 0.07% https://twitter.com/StewartHosieSNP/status/1010543206755336198/photo/1, “…[It is] pointless folly – an exercise in self-destructive virtue-signalling to leave an organisation which is willing to defend Scotland militarily for free…”Wings. And a Happy 2021 to all. 411. But they whom the truth would indite. This level of analysis will be used to construct a conceptual framework connecting the constructs of complexity, interdisciplinarity, epistemology, and oppression. However, there is nothing inconsistent about logic and emotion as you can think about emotion with logic. Opposite of having or showing a reasonable or high level of intellect. I have a belief that the study of Language and Philosophy should be considered to be vital as part of the school curriculum to help take the first step on the road to a thoughtful and flexible human race. It could have been a Yoon response it was so weird and lacking in enthusiasm and positivity. The second problem is flagged in the words “since 2017” above. Happy new year stu and all wingers and yessers for Scotland. And we’re not misrepresenting McDonald’s views there – they’re his own unaltered words: we can NEVER, EVER be on the same side as Marine Le Pen. They do not want to be seen to agree with their opponents, even when an argument makes sense. Yeah, I can hardly wait. . And Bismarck was certainly not everyone’s cup of ‘progressive’ tea. 14 hrs before the deadline. Acht let’s be honest we live in a shitty wee country, aye the scenery is fabulous BUT that’s window dressing. A system based on generating clicks and interactions has created an environment for the outlandish and bizarre to flourish, with expertise falling by the wayside. With “friends” like the Daddy Bear, who needs Yoons? Probably wouldn’t have advocated joining it in the first place, but by keeping the Faslane nuclear base open we will be able to hold so much sway not just over England but over the organisation. I recall the days when 75% of the populace were implacably against independence, or at least, had no enthusiasm for it, until Alex Salmond demonstrated it necessary to Scotland’s progress, and the rest of us duly discovered where truth lay. Unintelligent. Opposite Ends of the Spectrum Adventures of an Autie, an Aspie, and a mommy who loves them both! But I’d be willing to go along with the theory that McDonald is a British Mi5 plant. They make it so easy sometimes. n. mental health problems. I also admire Joanna Cherry greatly. n. Stay strong, stand tall, and passionately defend what you believe in. “I’m still, on balance, opposed, but at least your argument (that it would provide essentially free defence cover) makes some sense. , A Kindergarten Vida Connecting Lines 51 , 52 , 150 , 166 Name in Thai : ตรงข้ามสถาบันการจัดการปัญญาภิวัฒน์,โรงเรียนอนุบาลอันวิดา I also think using our geography could really help the economy in other ways, for example as a hub for cross continental flights and trade, like Hong Kong and Singapore. Unless you are pissing people off, you ain`t doing it right. Find opposite of Intelligence Officer hyponyms, hypernyms, related words and definitions. Good and short list of thesaurus for term Intelligence quotient. Oh, and Iain Blackford should take up the tuba. Normally when we think of NI we think about how animal or human brains function, but there is more to natural intelligence than neuroscience. Back then, NATO was a US-run intervention force. Top antonyms for intelligence (opposite of intelligence) are insanity, stupidity and silliness. December 17, 2014 December 17, 2014 | johnnyschneidder. What is The Great Barrington Declaration? He certainly parrots the UK state narrative, probably with guidance from Neal R Stewart, who was(is?) But what else would we expect from McDonald. Impossible to implement. The response by some was to invert the discussion and the term itself and to create a world opposite to AI. Thank you for all your opinions and information over the past year, and Stu for hosting one of the last bastions of (near enough ) free speech. https://quod.lib.umich.edu/e/ergo/12405314.0006.044?view=text;rgn=main, Dan says: Lv 7. The rise of social media was supposed to bring us closer together but instead, I argue, it has done the opposite. He and Annie Wells must have sat on the same stool bright. Good comment, lets not forget also that the likes of Ian Blackford, Angus Robertson and Stewart Hosie, have been members of the Intelligence and Security Commission, posts you cannot hold unless the British PM vets you first. ", Wings Over Scotland © Powered by WordPress 121 Ireland 4,609,600 0.06% (Or less satirically, if she suddenly switched the FN over to a pro-NATO stance, then by McDonald’s logic the SNP would have to revert to opposing it, as it did until 2012. n. mental failure. The opposite of intelligence. We have been made to look impotent by our English masters. 3) The USA will see us as a communist enemy if we are not in it. Find another word for intelligent. I am ending the year with feelings of anger and rage. All Unions are not the same. Any SNP representative and supporter of independence must be in favour of NATO. Antonyms are words which mean the opposite of other words. He’s been Busting a gut for independence. “Emotional intelligence is not the opposite of intelligence, it is not the triumph of heart over head – it is the unique intersection of both.” -David Caruso. Another who sides and castigated anyone who goes on RT as Commie sympathisers. To Rev Stuart Campbell So looking for a lot more action from Cherry and Co,,,AND hopefully s rejuvenated Alex Salmond. share | improve this question | follow | asked Mar 24 '19 at 14:13. See my 3.33pm comment, I agree in part with your comment, as for Scotland after independence that is, not joining NATO, there are at least a half dozen EU member states that aren’t in the NATO alliance, Finland is the most obvious that comes to mind. and this is supported by his clearance by the security services. And if that wee rant hasn’t done it – perhaps the upcoming events in January will. Now he serves. Aye Stewart McDonald my bloody MP, utter charlatan, waste of space,wish he’d stayed on the cruise ships. ” McDonald, while very much on the right of the party, is typical of the SNP’s hyper-woke wing – a pious, puritanical fundamentalist completely intolerant of any dissenting view on any currently fashionable topic.” . man can do, or where he If she doesn’t immediately declare the May election a referendum. 112 Kyrgyzstan 5,842,600 0.08% Happy New Year to all “Wings over Scotland” folks. Don’t normally disagree with you but I will be voting for a party after independence that will not join NATO and will determine to spend the same level as Ireland thus saving over 2.5 billion a year. But only emotionally intelligent people understand why. Have you seen the recent drug deaths’ figures?’. 31 December, 2020 at 4:13 pm Tweet. An early goal of NATO was to block European initiatives, the French in particular, hence De Gaulle’s profound – and justified – distrust of England as a serious member of the Common Market. “In this conceptual paper, I put forward an argument about the conceptualization of science identity as a landscape of becoming by placing emphasis on recognition and emotions, as core features of identity, through an intersectionality lens. I’ve at least a modicum of professional insight into crises management, public health management, and relational law. Alas all my grandparents were born in Scotland. That’s a lot of votes. Wishing everyone independence in the new year. December 31, 2020 by, suggested that an independent Scotland should leave NATO, extremely unpopular with the Scottish public, https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/State_Socialism_(Germany), https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s11422-019-09954-7, https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7287552/, https://www.qmul.ac.uk/media/global-policy-institute/Policy-brief-COVID-19-and-intersectionality.pdf, https://www.sciencespo.fr/ceri/en/content/covid-19-authoritarianism-vs-democracy-what-epidemic-reveals-about-orientalism-our-categorie, https://aura.antioch.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1528&context=etds, https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/pdf/10.1080/09540253.2019.1596392, https://www.mdpi.com/2075-4698/10/4/91/pdf, https://quod.lib.umich.edu/e/ergo/12405314.0006.044?view=text;rgn=main. This is not metaphorical. Check it out on the parliamentary website or the National website. Opposite of having the ability of reasoning or thought. No worries Derek, when I questioned who actually is gullible enough to believe Mrs Murrell`s Independence is coming garbage, I was put in my place by a SNP placeman who told me there would probably be a BIG announcement in the New Year regarding independence. What is the meaning of intelligence? McDonald’s view that “we can never, ever be on the same side as the National Front” sounds instinctively fine on first hearing. I’m sure this is the same cowardly creep who scurried of down the corridor like a scared rat when confronted by Robinson. think next six months will be worse with Brexit and the English strain. God bless you gramps and thanks for your legacy. He was asked two straightforward questions and instead of saying yes, of course Scotland must become independent/hold a referendum in 2021, he prefaced each evasive answer with a great long sinister guffaw. I also agree. Shall Independent be for a’ that. It is a (futile and idiotic) attempt at disguise. Approach to Global Citizenship Education That’s why they haven’t joined NATO and aren’t likely to. On the 31 January 2020 I gave in my application for German Citizenship. It so happens that the unpreparedness of the educated classes, the lack of practical links between them and the mass of the people, their laziness, and, let it be said, their cowardice at the decisive moment of the struggle will give rise to tragic mishaps.” (Fanon 1967). There’s a video of it on YouTube. Email. Nice Social Dem. Happy New year to all Wingers, lurkers and Stu, for when it arrives – I hope 2021 is a successful year for all. Cant be easy sometimes. In the long run, it will lead to higher COVID and non-COVID mortality than the focused protection plan we call for in the Declaration.’, ‘Concerned Citizens’ : 712,344 As far as I know, Norway hasn’t had a go…. But there are plenty more like him on Twitter. It’s sentences like that which make WOS the much valued and respected site that it is , irrespective of what the Pollyannas and Panglosses elsewhere may say .Mer power tae yer elbow Stuart . When was Ireland last invaded?”. Just NEVER, EVER, under any circumstances, because she’s evil and he’s good and the two must never occupy the same space, like matter and anti-matter.”. 2021 marks one of the worst periods in Scottish history. And noticed Uruguay won the world cup in 1930 and 1950 and finished fourth in 1970 and 2010. The opposite of emotional intelligence. Anyway, I think we should surgically remove the legs of people that don’t take the vaccine. Woke theory does not reject medical philosophy and bio-ethics. If Heineken did Social Media, they wouldn’t let SNP use it. Intelligence: Is there any reason to believe the opposite of my current belief? Should Scot “Gov” stick to the original guidance the delivery license was granted for on the basis that health is devolved, rather than following the changed UK line. The best opposites for intelligence ... s**pi**ty, f**li**ne** ... More opposites / contrasts / antonyms for intelligence I suspect when the time comes most of them will roll their sleeves up. and on the spook oversight committee for which he needed to be security vetted. No resource, No skills and No time to do it. – in 1939-40 against the SU’s attempted conquest of Finland with a D on their cone shaped hat. WELL IT’S GOODNIGHT FROM HIM I unfollowed all SNP MPs and MSPs and blocked Sturgeon and Blackford content on Twitter. If this site is ever more irrelevant then why are you reading it and expending your time posting on it. 2. Definitions and History of EQ" in EQ Today, 2002 Aptly titled thread for the day the SNP decided to arbitrarily extend everyone’s second vaccination from 3 weeks to 12 weeks against the advice of the manufacturer’s .. https://mobile.twitter.com/b_man1973/status/1344615152478539778/photo/1.