A type of knit with a decorative pattern of yarns interlaced to create loops, most often used in faux fabrics. Soft worsted fleece like fabric (resembles the soft downy feathers of the underside of an. Originated in India as bright coloured handkerchiefs of silk and cotton with spots in white on coloured grounds, chiefly red and blue. A coarse fabric first made in Lindsey, England, of wool combined with flax or cotton. It is used to make sportswear. Used for workmen’s clothing where very hard wear is required. It is usually used as lining. Lightweight 2 way stretch fabric with horizontal slubs on the face. Originally called crapes, now it refers to all fabric, silk, wool, or synthetic fiber fabric with a distinctively crisp, crimped appearance. This fabric is lustrous & durable. Seersucker Antique – This satin has a dull, nubbed surface, A woven, light- to medium-weight fabric with a puckered appearance made of cotton or rayon.It is commonly striped or chequered. It sometimes has a crinkled texture and is commonly used for seasonal bottoms like capris. Want to collect some knowledge about handlooms. Seersucker Used in luggage for reinforcement and abrasion resistance, A strong impermeable  cotton fabric once used to make hot air balloons, Fabric incorporating bamboo fibres is eco friendly durable and strong.They are porous, breathable and absorbent, A fabric spun from fibers on the stalk of the banana plant .It is a fine fabric which looks like silk. Muslin A woven trim characterized by a zigzag pattern. Nowadays it refers to clothing with floral prints. This is a resit method of making designs on fabric. A fabric usually made of silk or polyester or rayon with a pleated crinkle effect. A lightweight, plain-weave fabric made of nylon, silk, polyester or rayon. This is a multi-colored plaid fabric which is generally associated with Scotland region. It is  most often used in millinery, ribbons, and suits.It may be made of natural textiles, such as cotton, wool or silk, or from synthetic fibers, such as rayon or nylon; it also often is made of a combination of two different materials. A very high luster satin with a rayon face and a cotton back. ‘These smaller collages of acrylic and fabric on canvas include a pitcher holding a few flowers and several tree- or leaf-shaped icons.’ ‘Waterford City features in the exhibition, which consists of 16 paintings, all acrylic on canvas, depicting streetscapes of Ireland.’ To assist you in determining which category your fabric falls under, I have tried to list the categories as well fabric types below. Used in a wide variety of sheers and sheeting. A soft leather made from the hide of a young goat for a supple hand. The corded appearance given by the ribbed pattern makes it unique. Fabric layers stitched together with padding/batting in between. Short, fine wool which is usually manufactured on the French system of worsted manufacture. A combination of polyester and resin metals reinforced with fiberglass mat. Seersucker, Shirting cotton This is a thick, tough, synthetic nylon fabric which has an even weave initially developed by Dupont. This is a rough, plain weave (1×1) silk fabric made of uneven yarns to produce a textured effect, particularly evidenced in occasional thicker threads in the weft or filling. Soft worsted fleece like fabric (resembles the soft downy feathers of the underside of an albatross bird) . Meaning of synthetic fabric. Learn more about, A tightly woven plain-weave fabric (usually a light weight cotton) characterized by a corded surface. It is shorter and less desirable because of its poor lock formation, and it usually lacks the character of the body of the fleece. A general term applied to fabrics and yarns from combed wool and wool blends. Used for baby clothes, diapers, and sleepwear. It is fine, strong, stretchy and dye-retentive.It is soft and luxurious as cashmere. A luxurious cotton jersey designed with an ultra-smooth and slinky finish. English Net is usually heavier than nylon net. ; used to make soft toys. Canvas, duck, awning fabrics. A fabric with a silky, lustrous finish on one side and a dull finish on the other, made so by the type of weave used. This premium ring spun denim features a unique blend of fibers with four-way flex designed for extreme range of motion. Synonyms for acrylic include polymethyl methacrylate, plexiglass, paint, colouring, dye, stain, colour, cosmetics, maquillage and pigment. Cut velvet has a soft flat burned-out pattern. These properties make it ideal for grips and handles. A waterproof waxed cloth once used as a shroud (also called altar cloth, used in churches), A strong rugged fabric with pronounced narrow and wide wale. Two silkworms, having an affinity for one another and wanting to remain together may spin one cocoon, instead of two separate ones. Wool containing a large amount of wool grease combined at the tip of the wool staples with dirt, usually from a Merino. Used to add body, especially height to large sleeves or skirt poufs.. A fabric similar to tencel and rayon, which has great drape similar to silk and breath ability like cotton.

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